Go Crazy!
Chamber of Frenzy

If you haven’t gone crazy in a while then are you really living? We created VTS Chambers with a philosophy that your digital life should be all-inclusive. A perfect blend of seriousness and fun. This is where you come to go all crazy. Rant, Check Your Sexual Activity, Find Your Crypto Personality, Confess and do a lot more… Try it out now!

Going Broke

Calculate how many days do you have before going broke!

Eroticism Test

See what your choice of VXI Bills says about your Love Life!

Confession Room

Confess your sins for the Vexilliard Supreme is the all-forgiving ruler of these chambers.

Crypto Personality

See what your choice of VXI Bills mean for your personality as a crypto investor...

Rant Box

Rant All Your Want! FREE OF PREJUDICE.

Planetary Impact

Your crypto activities have an impact on the planet. Find out what it means for the world...