Chamber of Futures

If there is one thing we’re absolutely sure of, it is about our future together as a community. The chambers of futures is our community think tank. Users submit their recommendations for our upcoming cyberspace activities and we feature the best suggestions here. Eventually, we will have a voting system and credit system to reward the best ideas. For now, here’s something for you to think about.

VTSC v2.0

VTSC v1.0 is the fundamental base from where the real vision of the community will be constructed. Surpassing the current beta version, VTSC v2.0 will be a complete turnaround of what the space looks to be, at the moment. The current version consists of 8 unique chambers including gaming, rewards, music, frenzy, cinema, futures, and travel. The v2.0 of the VTSC cyberspace will be developed with the Vexillonians to build the most ultimate immersive experience. The community will be contributing in ideations, creations, and collaborations to build the place of the present & future! Whatever happens, the next major release stays our first priority after the sale of VXI Bills.

Immersive Sounds and Visuals

Real immersive sound + visuals will be a collaborative assignment of the community to create instrumental music with interactive imagery. The amalgamation of both provides the member with a three-dimensional experience that creates the sensation of height all around the audience, transporting them into a more thrilling and deeper experience of the moment.



An eco-system of where art meets commercial-artistic branding. Vexillonians will participate in approaching and vetting potential artists while also getting in touch with some of the renowned companies for collaborations. The world is a beautiful place when everyone chooses art!

VXI Toy Shop

Vexillum Treasury will be creating its very own toy shop which will include digital toy NFTs and physical items. These toys will be created by Vexillum Treasury in partnership with famous artists.

Investing DAOs

We will create purpose-driven DAOs for investing, managing, and scaling upcoming NFT projects. The idea is to create and promote wealth creation opportunities inside the VXI Cyberspace and the VTS Community. In other words, the VXI Assets as a ticket to long-term financial stability and independence.

VXI Asset Exchange


A dedicated DEX will be launched specifically aimed at VXI assets. Swap assets between vaults, create liquidity pools, transact with major cryptos, mint new NFTs, invest in DAO tokens, and much more. We see the Vexillum Treasury Syndicate as an ecosystem that provides its members a holistic decentralized experience. We are not going to leave any stone unturned.

Got An Idea for The Future of VTS?

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